Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a few comments on a comment

so I got a comment on my 2nd texas tidbits post that wasn't exactly mean by any means, mostly I just felt like the commenter was misunderstanding where I was coming from.  normally I would just address this person directly but

1. they don't have a google account

and 2. I thought other people could be misunderstanding me too, so I thought I'd explain

first off here's the comment:

"First of all, Austin is the shit! You must visit Austin to keep your sanity. San Antonio drivers are the rudest in TX and California's drivers are WAY worse than them! Seriously. And what's so wrong with state pride? If your state was the best shape, you'd sport it to. Haha & lastly, we are the friendliest, most genuine people you will ever meet. Open your mind and give Texans a chance. It could be worse, you could live in Houston! Haha"

so first of all I never said any of the observations were bad (except the driving...the driving is bad!)

these are simply observations of things that are different

and I may use the words "weird" or "hilarious" but to me those aren't necessarily bad things...they are just so completely different than what I'm used to in CA

to say I have a closed mind is utterly ridiculous!  I have a completely open mind about the situation. I never once said I didn't like texas i moved here willingly and happily (granted it was cause hubs is here...but what I mean is I didn't dread moving here or anything...except for the packing and driving...obviously) , in fact, I wouldn't mind staying here for a while if that was in the cards, but it's not

and if you clicked on the little label and read my first texas tidbits post you would see that I said they were the nicest people I've ever met, and actually in the second post I said how could people be so nice in person and so rude on the road? I gave full credit to their niceness thankyouverymuch

and yes, they are the worst/rudest driver I have ever me, I have driven all over california and the only place scarier is san francisco.  but that's because of the hills and people drive REALLY fast...but they still know how to drive

like I said, the people here either don't know how to drive or would actually like to get into an I have legitimate reason to fear being in an accident every. single. day.

...this isn't just me being paranoid...which, no lie, I am...a lot. no! this is some driver doing something to cause me to have to hit my brakes, swerve over, or seriously think that they will hit me

anyway, clearly my "texas tidbits" are more "san antonio tidbits" cause thats the only place I've been besides el paso (it was night and we drove straight through) and the middle of nowhere nothingness that is in between the two, but obviously texas tidbits sounds much cooler.  maybe the drivers in every other part of texas aren't horrendous...who knows? I sure don't

also some of my observations are not solely about have to remember, I was born and raised in california and most of my experiences have been there. yes I have traveled to other states/countries but you really don't get to experience what it's like to actually live in those places when you're only there a short time. some things I am experiencing are the south in general, some are just states outside of california

I'm just documenting the things I discover that are different (good, bad, or otherwise) from what I'm used to and if someone moved from TX to CA I would expect them to find some things strange (well, I might not have before...but I would now lol!)

I know most of you think the tidbits are funny (including some readers from texas)...and thats exactly what they are supposed to be! I never meant for it to seem like I'm putting texas down (except the really is that bad lol!) cause I really do like it here! it's fun, it's interesting, and it's an's just not california

and no matter where we move california will always be my home

good, bad, or otherwise :)


Fran said...

Well, someone got up from the wrong side of the bed that day. Yikes... people need to get a sense of humor, I love your tidbits :)

Miss.C said...

Well jeeze, it happens that Texas has ups and downs and SF is freaking scary. I was so scared of getting hit there :\

btw washington has the worst drivers of all time.. hands down.