Monday, June 27, 2011

texas tidbits: week one

so i've decided to periodically post my observations about texas (good and bad) 

from now on though it probably won't be weekly, maybe monthly...if i remember lol!


the streets here are cuh-razy!!! they curve and come/change out of nowhere! and freeway entrances are way bizarre! and you can't read the street sigh until you get right at the intersection! my GPS is my best friend for sure!

whataburger is neither amazing nor like in-n-out (course i personally don't think in-n-out is all that amazing either)

i could eat jimmy johns every day and never get tired of it!!!

blue bell ice cream is the best ever! seriously so amazing!

humidity is the devil. end of story.

the freeway access roads make it so nice to get out of freeway traffic and still get to where you're going

the thrift stores are bigger...but grimier...but slightly cheaper 

and finally, the people are seriously SO nice! i've had better conversations with perfect strangers here than some people i've known for years in cali

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Anonymous said...

Your Texas observations are completely spot on right now. Especially about them being nice. I'm planning to write about the people in the West coast when I was traveling but lets just say, I really missed the southern hospitality when I was there.