Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my saturday

so this past saturday was the first full day i got to spend with hubs ♥

it was amazing of course

we started off the day at starbucks so we could use the internet

(why do i have a feeling we'll never get internet setup so we can use it as an excuse to get starbs?? ...jk we're just waiting till payday...i hope lol!)

then we met up with some of hubby's friends at the mall

i couldn't find hub's sun glasses when i was packing (and he wanted some better ones anyway) and when we went into sunglass hut (just to look...you know how that goes) the sales lady informed him that they normally don't have a military discount but were currently having a 20% discount for mall employees that they would give to military too (that uniform sure does come in handy!) 

so anyway he obviously couldn't pass that up lol! but that's ok cause he got me these babies!

i was super tired for some reason and hubs and i took a little nap (or so i thought) and i woke up to find hubs cleaning! i tried to get him to stop and told him i'd do it later when he was in class but he wouldn't stop! he kept saying "it's supposed to be clean" and "this is what i do" lol! i'm surprised he didn't tell me we had gear adrift and were going to get a hit

anywho gotta love that navy training :)

then i made our favorite dinner: linguine with clam sauce :)

and because 1. we don't have a table or chairs and 2. i thought it would be fun, we had an indoor picnic 

it was basically an awesome day only thing that would've been better would be to not have to take hubs back to the barracks at night

ahh...soon :)


Mallorie Owens said...

Love the new sunglasses and that pasta looks delish!

Courtney said...

you look adorable in those new sunnies :) and recipe please..sounds delicious!

Michelle said...

You are the cuttest little thing! I would totally have done the picnic too! Awesome idea!

Megan said...

how cute are you? that pasta looks goooooood.