Wednesday, June 29, 2011


so if you didn't notice our 1 year anniversary was on sunday ♥

so i picked up hubs in the morning and we went to starbucks to use the internet...again lol!

then we took lulu to brackenridge park which was probably the coolest park i've ever seen! we tried to find the dog park there but it was too big!

then we had lunch at cracker barrel and it was amazing! but i will probably eat there for dinner from now on...too much food for the middle of the day!

then we were in a food coma so we took a nap lol!

then we went the the riverwalk which was really cool and we took this picture ♥  

we ate dinner at this place called iron cactus and it was super scrummy mexican food!

and they automatically gave us a discount cause hubs was in his uniform :)

and some little girls told him thank cute!

so so glad i married this man a year ago! 

and what a difference a year can make! i feel like we live a completely different life than we did when we got married

and i ♥ it!


Brooke said...

I love the power of the uniform!! What a great day :) I love your outfit too! where's it from?!

Mallorie Owens said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great the riverwalk!

Michelle said...

Can we just talk about how adorable your outfit is!!! I seriusy need to get in touch with this adorable skirt trend. but is it sad to say I have no desire to dress cute since hubs is gone?