Thursday, June 30, 2011

my chicago weekend via blackberry

just popping in real quick you let you know about my weekend in chicago

i'll post more about the graduation when i get the pics from my father-in-law

bags packed ready to go!

about to take off!

the super cute hangers at the navy gateway inn and suites! oh my gosh! and can i just say comfiest bed ever! seriously though it was like sleeping on a cloud

hubs in in there somewhere! you have no idea how excited i was to see him! (and how hard it was to sit there for an hour and a half and not just run up and give him a hug)

at this ice cream place in great lakes...i was NOT playing lol!

at the airport waiting to send my sailor off to TX! 3 am

ma sent me this...i missed my little punkin!

so when i made my flight/hotel reservations i wasn't sure when hubs was leaving and i wasn't planning on moving to texas then so i wanted to make sure i didn't leave before him so i could give him his phone (you had to do it at the airport) so he left at like 6am saturday morning and my flight wasn't until 10pm sunday night

luckily one of my best friend's boyfriends is in the navy and is stationed at great lakes!

this is them...aren't they cute!? (yes i stole this off facebook lol!)

we'll anyway he was super nice cause i had met him only once before (for like 2 mins) and he entertained me all saturday and sunday!

we went to a white sox game, for free! (technically i wasn't supposed to be free, only active duty military, but we said military tickets and showed my ID and i think the lady felt bad for us lol!)

on sunday we ate breakfast at this totally scrummy place in this cute little town (sorry i scarfed it down before i got any pics) then went for a walk through the town and on this little nature trail waiting for the train to get there

a heart shaped planter in the town

my fav house we saw...actually there was a better one but there were people there so i didn't take a pic cause that would be awk-ward!

me in front of this decorative gun thingy on base...he told me what it was a million times but i don't remember lol!

this awesome dinosaur skeleton statue at o'hare airport

the only pizza i had in the airport lol!

and a funny convo with my taxi driver:

driver: they have a six flags in california?

me: ya, there's two

driver: no shit!?

me: yep, one in LA and one in the bay area

driver: so that (the six flags there) wasn't exciting for you?

me: oh no, there's lots of theme parks in california

driver: damn! they open year round?

me: uh...they sure are...


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