Monday, January 14, 2013

Queen of Hearts

I've got a quick, easy, cute, and cheap (what more could you ask for really?) Valentine's Day decor DIY for you.

And I know what you're thinking... Isn't it to early to decorate for v-day?

Nope. No it's not.

Moving on...

The supplies you need are as follows:

-Heart doilies (I got these in the Target dollar bin)
-String of choice (I used this pink and white yarn because it was cute (ok...because I already had it, but it is cute) twine would be cute too

Ta dah! Bam! that's it!

The directions are even easier! Thread the string through the doilies like so:

Hang it up:

And you're done!

Literally the most basic thing ever, but seriously so cute!

...and it makes it semi-okay that the tree is gone...but only semi

Thursday, January 10, 2013


So I finally took down my Christmas tree a couple of days ago and can we talk about how that is the saddest thing ever?!  I don't know about you but Christmas trees make me so happy.  I can't imagine a Christmas without one.  Years ago I even spent way to much money by poor college student standards for a little 4ft one when I was in the dorms.* They're just magical sparkly wonderlands, like a little bit of Disneyland in your home.  And who wants to pack up Disneyland? Nobody, that's who.

Now as much as I love Christmas trees I'm typically a stickler on the whole "christmas decor from the day after Thanksgiving to New Years Day" thing but you know what?  this year I just needed it.  I needed the sparkles and colors cheering me up every time I looked at it, and Brian being the guy he is let me keep it up awhile longer (cause if it were up to him the tree would be up the week of christmas tops...what can I say?  he's weird) But he finally said enough is enough so I took her down (although I'm not sure why he was so adamant about it since the tree box is still in our living room...)

I also made this years Christmas ornament (I'm not really late, I made a really cute "bun in the oven" one that will now be sent to a friend who still has a bun in her oven) and it turned out exactly how I wanted even if B couldn't tell what most of the embroidered symbols were *shakes head*

Oh! and I may have put up Valentines Day decorations the same day. What can I say...

*which we actually still own and would probably still use if my mom hadn't given me our tree because she decided she wanted her second tree to have colored lights... yes I said second.  See! Christmas trees=awesome

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stupid blinking cursor...

...I've been staring at it for far too long

It's just been so long, I haven't really blogged in a year and I just don't know where to start.

I'm just so...overwhelmed? not sure...

This year has been... Interesting. I feel like not much happened and a lot happened at the same time.  I guess it's been a good year but it's also been a hard year, a sad year. I suppose I'll talk about this whole "trying to be a mommy" thing since that's pretty much what's on my mind at all times.  Since this post I have had every test and procedure that would determine if something is causing me to have all these miscarriages, found out nothing is wrong with me, which would normally be a good thing, but in this case it's like ...? , spent the next four cycles (which for me is more like 8 months) devastated with every stuipd little negative sign and period that came my way, readjusted my outlook and made a decision to not stress about it, got pregnant, and had my second miscarriage of the year (fourth total) just before Christmas (which was lame to say the least).

I just feel so broken, in more ways than one. Why is it that my body can have "nothing" wrong with it but can't seem to do the one thing it's meant to do? The thing that other people can do so easily? That they can do without trying (or sometimes even when they're trying not to)? I see so many friends pursuing their passions and accomplishing their goals and as pathetic as many people are going to think this is, being a mother is honestly the only thing I've ever truly wanted to do with my life.  I've felt this way for as long as I can remember, and it's so disheartening that there is really nothing I can do (other than the obvious) to achieve my goals and the life I know I'm meant to have.  I can't prioritize more or work harder like if my passions were starting my own business , traveling, or advancing in my field.  

I can hope. and pray. and wait.

The only thing remotely proactive I can do is try to keep my body in the best baby-incubating state as possible, but that obviously isn't enough to see this dream of mine come to fruition, and oh do dream of it! My head is constantly filled with dreams of the life I hope to have, dreams of the life I'm afraid I'll end up having, dreams of what might be, could be, and may never be.  And theres no rest at night either.  On more than one occasion I've awoken my poor, unfailingly supportive (and very sleepy) husband with my inconsolable tears (but man does he try!).

The only thing making me possibly see any light at the end of this tunnel right now is that my new OB recommended that I start taking progesterone once I find out I'm pregnant next because sometimes a lack of it can be the problem.  So at least there is something I can try this time around.

so fingers crossed, prayers, good vibes...

any and all of that would be most appreciated :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vanilla Almond Muffins

I made these a few days ago and thought I'd post the recipe!

well it's not really a recipe cause you pretty much just follow the recipe on this vanilla cake/baking mix from Trader Joes (probably any delicious and not overly sweet vanilla cake mix would do) and add a drop or two of almond extract (I just did it to taste) and approximately 1/4 cup of slivered almonds (incase you couldn't tell, I'm not a big measurer lol!)

To make it pretty I sprinkled some sliced almonds on top of each cupcake BEFORE I cooked them and then sprinkled them with powdered sugar once they were cool

Perfect for Sunday brunch...or anytime really

Friday, April 6, 2012

Last Minute Adventure

So last saturday evening hubs and I were bored and wanted to do something but didn't want to spend much money so at 6:30pm we just decided to go to...


now I know what you're thinking...not much money? Disneyland? Really? But the thing is when my family was in town a few weeks ago B and I picked up these bad boys!

so exciting right?! and if you were wondering his a pic of us from that trip

and from this week:

It was really fun (and totally crazy) to just be able to decide at the spur of the moment to up and go to Disneyland.  We were only there a few hours but it was tons of fun and we definitely weren't bored anymore!

Oh! and the passes we got get us free parking so it really only cost us the gas to get there!


that's not entirely true cause I did have to get some these bad boys:


heaven in your mouth!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Starting off

It's not that I have nothing to talk about it's just that after being gone for so long I just don;t know where to start

so I'll make it easy and start with a song I've been loving lately (hubs really likes it too so you know its a good one!) and gasp! It's not taylor swift

Haha! enjoy...

Oh my gosh that part where he's making ramen and then reaches through the pile of dirty dishes to get a spatula to stir it with! That's totally B when I'm not around haha!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An unplanned hiatus

So I guess I've been on a blog break for the last month+

actually I've hardly gone online at all, twitter, instagram even pinterest!

It wasn't planned or anything, I was pregnant and using the computer or my phone made me totally nauseous

and yes I did say was in, I'm no longer pregnant

I'm not going to get too much into it since a wrote a big long post about the quick end to my last pregnancy back in the summer and it feels very similar

I will say that this time is a bit better because my husband is here and at least now I'll get to see a specialist to find out what is going wrong

I am a little worried that whatever is causing this isn't something that can be fixed but hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it and I'll be able to start popping out baby Kringles soon

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's my Birfday!

 Today is my 25th birthday!

as in t-w-e-n-t-y f-i-v-e

as in a quarter century

as in really old...

So I thought it would be the perfect occasion to show these pics from my 1st birthday

*raises invisible glass*
Here's to the next quarter century!