Saturday, August 6, 2011

the sate fair: a tradition

so as evidenced above it has clearly been a tradition for many years for hubs and I to go to the state fair and take some picy-pics in the photo booth

only this year we were in texas when the california state fair was happening
(which is lame cause my mom informed me the other day was armed forces day and we could've gone for free...which, by the way, would be awesome)

anywho, luckily hubs will be done with A school right around the time the texas sate fair starts which is great cause 1. it is in Dallas which is FAR out of his 80 mil radius hes allowed to go and 2. we can head up their "on our way" home for his leave

...ok, it's not exactly "on the way" but we can make a little detour

anyway, point being we will be able to (praise the lord) continue the tradition for at least this year

god only knows what struggles the coming years will bring, but if it's at all possible to get one of these legit photo booth pics you know I'll make it happen


Michelle said...

Hubs and I have the SAME tradition but, because of the Army this tradition has fallen by the way side the last two years. :( Once again, the struggles we endure for the military's gain.

Grammie said...

Those will be really cute when you guys are my and daddy's age ;)

Ashley Slater said...

I love your tradition! so cute! It will so so cool to see how you two have aged once several years go by... or if you start adding kids to your pictures, etc. Love it!!

Katie said...

Love this, beautiful & cute photos! :)


CMae said...

I am very jealous. I can't believe your state fair actually provides a REAL FILM photo booth in a day n age where everything is DIGITAL...I've yet to see a real film photo booth in Years!