Wednesday, July 27, 2011

texas tidbits: month one

taco cabana is yummy fast mexican food, open 24 hours, and has scrummy margaritas! what more could you ask for really!

Grocery stores don’t sell liquor which is beyond lame, but you know what’s even more lame??? Liquor store are open from like 8am-9pm most days and CLOSED on Sundays!!! I mean really??? And it’s not like I’m a boozer or anything, even a mormon friend of mine thought that was crazy!

The people here are seriously the worst/rudest drivers I’ve ever encountered in my life and I’m from California for crying out loud! How people can be so nice in person ans so rude on the road is beyond me

Seriously though, it’s like everyone wants to get in an accident

The Alamo is smaller then I expected…though I’ve only seen the outside

The riverwalk is really cool but so hard to find cause is curves all through downtown and is a level below street level so you can’t see it while driving.  We drove around forever looking for it until we finally just parked and started walking

Seriously almost every business logo, advertisement, freeway overpass, everything has either some version of the texas flag or the actual state of texas on it…it’s pretty hilarious

I’ve only seen one hippie

I’m pretty sure H-E-B is the only grocery store here

at the movie theater they have those big plastic barrels of giant pickles that you can get at the fair

Mall cops wear park ranger looking hats…no lie


Jillian said...

It's true!! The drivers are horrible (J is still recovering from his road rage), and HEB is the ONLY grocery store. No offense to Texas or anything, but Corpus Christi wasn't my cup o' tea. I've heard Austin is great though.

Anonymous said...

I seriously LOVE these tidbits! Let me go through them with you :)

*Taco Cabana IS delicious. One of my faves and one is 5 minutes from my house. Try Rosas Cafe if they have it down there as well.

*I never knew actual grocery stores sold liquor. Where I grew up (border of Tx and Louisiana), they didn't sell it in Shreveport, La either. You always had to go to the liquor store. However, the liquor stores in San Antonio are dif cause ours stayed open later.

*I will say that Texas drivers are pretty aggressive sometimes but once you know the roads, they really aren't that bad. Plus, we have a LOT of imports from other states which really adds to that.

*There is always an accident.

*I can't even remember the size of the Alamo. It's been so long since I've been.

*I like the riverwalk and we always just park and walk as well. We always find a place we never noticed before when we do it like that.

*Texas prideeeeeeee <333333 We love our state.

*There are no hippies in San Antonio. Not that I know of. But that's a completely different story once you travel to Austin. Which you should go bc I love that place and its close to you.

*HEB is in south central Texas. I don't know if there are any in DFW but if there are, I haven't seen one. When we lived in Fort Hood, we preferred to go there than Walmart. I like HEB :)

*I never noticed the pickles haha

*I never notice mall cops. I lie. The ones in south central Texas DO wear those hats haha

Great posts! I love seeing your POV <33333333

Michelle said...

I would looove to see the hats. Try to steal a picture or two of them. I am dieing to see this!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Hahaha! I'm dying laughing. I freaking love you!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Also, sorry for commenting twice, but I forgot to tell you in the last comment that I LOVE your new header!

Scarlett said...

First of all, Austin is the shit! You must visit Austin to keep your sanity. San Antonio drivers are the rudest in TX and California's drivers are WAY worse than them! Seriously. And what's so wrong with state pride? If your state was the best shape, you'd sport it to. Haha & lastly, we are the friendliest, most genuine people you will ever meet. Open your mind and give Texans a chance. It could be worse, you could live in Houston! Haha

Grammie said...

Kyle, Courtney and Hannah went to SF last weekend, and you know Kyle, Hannah said he had such crazy road rage (more than usual). Also, Hannah asked me why there are so many Prius' here in Benicia, I told her because we are so close to SF and the hippies.

Olivia.Dee said...

i used to visit san antonio annually. but its been about 4 years since i've been back there... and the one thing I want sooo bad is taco cabana. i'm glad others understand its yummy-ness!

Kaila said...

New follower! My husband and I live in San Antonio, he's in the Air Force! I'm not a fan of San Antonio - at all really; but Austin was nice. Haha Ohh, and I thought I would share a couple of cool places to check out here in San Antonio : The Japanese Tea Gardens (this place is beautiful!) and the San Antonio Missions ( there are like 4 or 5 within the same general area!)

Hope you enjoy Texas!