Tuesday, July 26, 2011

im baaaaackkk!!! (aka the most random post ever!)

well i still don't have internet (and it's not looking like i'll get any until october...stupid 1 year contracts) and i'm still feeling a little blah about blogging, in fact i'm feeling a little blah about online-social-anything-in-general lol 

seriously though, brooke tweeted that she missed me and michelle commented on my facebook yesterday asking if i was alive cause i hadn't been on either much in a few days

i'm not sure what my deal is cause i've been in a fantastic mood and have been having so much fun i just haven't felt like documenting it i guess which is highly unusual for me haha!

but anyway to get out of this funk i'm just going to (drink lots of starbucks and) push myself to blog through it!

speaking of starbucks the lady didn't hear me say "vanilla" when i said "iced grande vanilla soy latte" and after drinking half of it before realizing why it wasn't sweet at all and went back up and was just gonna ask for a bit of vanilla syrup and instead she made me a venti on the house...win!

in other news the style posts are back cause we finally started going to chapel service on sundays

it only took us so long to start going cause i was waiting on hubs to figure out when/where to go and finally on saturday i just googled "fort sam houston chapel services" and bam! a whole list of services popped up

lesson learned: don't ask hubs to find things out...i'm still waiting on him to find out if i can go to the new gym and where it is/ what times it's open :/

anywhooo...this is what i wore to church on sunday:

i'm totally in love with this outfit and this skirt and belt are my two favorite new thrifting finds!

next week i'll show you how i made this belt out of two different thrifted belts :)

i know i know...you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation! 

and to end the most random post of all time i recommend netflix-ing/redbox-ing these movies:

country strong
no strings attached
red riding hood
the lincoln lawyer

why? you ask...cause thats exactly what i did these past few weeks...and it was awesome

anyway i'm gonna leave you with that before this post gets even more ridiculous 

oh wait! r.i.p. peanut :(

ok...this post really cant get any stranger, if you're still reading this you must really love me/ are really bored...but i'm going to assume the former, it makes me feel better about life ha!


Brooke said...

SO SO happy you're back! :) and I love your skirt. No Strings Attached is an awesome movie, Mr Charming and I both love it!

Miss.C said...

OH HEY! I haven't seen your blog since the makeover and would like to say WHATUP I LOVE IT! :) Mr.AB & I have talked about going to church, then we never do.. or by the time we decide to go we get deployment news (seriously, its happened twice) I'm at a loss! But I am so happy you've been in such a great mood lately, share the starbucks karma with us all!

Courtney said...

Cute outfit, Amanda!! So happy you are doing so well. But no internet until October..i would freak out haha

Michelle said...

Ummm I just had to make sure you were alive and well!! Glad to read that your outfits are still adorable! And, I have seen all of those movies and they are all GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I remember there being a gym right inside of post when I was there but couldn't guide you to it. It was nice. So glad you've had a chance to blog and love your outfit :)

Grammie said...

I do really love you, and your sister is driving me crazy to leave, we are at the library online.