Tuesday, February 15, 2011

before i recap our valentines day...

i have to recap my birthday weekend

(im all about order...except for im not :)

my birthday is my favorite day of the year! its the one day that you can do whatever you want (and get other people to do whatever you want) its the best

so anyway i watch these three movies and hubby didnt complain at all:



...actually thats not entirely ture, he did complain about the ugly faces miley cyrus makes lol!


i got this book from my mother-in-law for my bridal shower and husband made my this dish (with lingunie):


it was so scrummy!


and for dessert we had some of our wedding cake

it was still yummy except for the fresh strawberries that were in there, so we just ate around those

saturday morning my family took us to tower cafe for birthday breakfast, and saturday night my in-laws took us to sushi for birthday dinner

and on sunday i got my traditional birthday present to myself...


...sees candy!

all in all a fabulous birthday!

oh! and i spent as much time with my birthday present as i could


everyone calls me bon bon said...

Sounds like a fun birthday! Love how your hubby watched a girly movie marathon with you. Happy Tuesday and Happy belated Birthday/Valentines to you:-) xoxo

Michaela said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Everything looks so yummy!