Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentines day

so because

1. we dont have a lot of money right now


2. i think its way more fun

we stayed in for valentines day

brians valentine present to me was to do all the dishes (there were tons and we dont have a dishwasher)

and i did this for him:


made him a scrummy dinner! i hung paper hearts from the ceiling and scattered some on the table


we used our napkins from the wedding

so heres the story on the ravioli, costco had this red and white heart shaped ravioli that i wanted to make, but i kept being to busy to go and didnt go until monday and there were all out :(

so when i came home i told brian that i was very sad because i wanted to make the heart shaped ravioli and not just the stupid regular ravioli (which was delicious btw), to which he replied

"ill just pretend its heart shaped"

i love my husband


i made white chocolate dipped strawberries, a valentines tradition

oh! there was also champagne, i just forgot to pour it before i took the pictures


i wore my sisters bridesmaid dress (which she gave me, yes!), shoes that hubby bought me on our honeymoon, and a heart clip i made

lulu had a bow that matched my dress with a matching heart clipped to the center




it was a fabulous first valentines day as a married couple and im looking forward to many more to come ♥


Michelle said...

That is adorable!!! I LOVE IT! I'm making chocolate covered strawberries for Sam for our makeup Valentine's Day in March. :)

JMay said...

You look adorable in that dress. What a nice Valentine's Day! The food looks amazing (especially the strawberries) :-)

P.S. I love your dog!