Friday, January 14, 2011

wedding: decor

so considering its been over six months since the wedding i need to wrap up all my wedding posts!

our wedding took place in my parents backyard.

the colors were white with shades of pink (my favorite) and i wanted a sort of vintagey/antiquey/shabby chic/garden party theme


here are how the tables looked, we put three 6ft tables together to make one really long table, there were four of these super long tables, two on each side of the aisle

i wanted it to be more like a family dinner then a wedding or banquet with circle tables, i also wanted the centerpieces to go all down the center, which wouldnt work with round tables


speaking of centerpieces we made those by collecting vases, candlesticks, and nicknacks in shades of white clear and pink at thrift stores and swap meets (and our own houses and decor)

my mom and i went to thrift stores weekly during the six months we were planning it was so much fun!


i also wanted to have mismatched china for the dinner and dessert plates and since i couldnt rent them anywhere we decided to by them at thrift stores too

goodwill has 50% off sales every holiday (like presidents day and all the ones on mondays) and that made the large plates .50 and the dessert plates .25 and considering it was .40 to rent each plain white one of either size it worked out pretty well

we also used my moms china as well as my grandparents china that my aunt had (which she gave to me!!!!!)


we decided to make napkins that would double as name tags for seating and gifts (i guess thats actually triple, not double)

one of my aunts has an upholstery business and she got us the fabric for wholesale and let us use her serger to finish the edges

we got some martha stewert stamps and some waterproof ink pads and i stamped all 100 names


i found this little ceramic menu and knew i had to put it on the buffet table!


i put various pictures of us through the years (most from high school dances, actually they were all from dances because the more recent ones were from sorority formals) along with pictures from our parents weddings on the guest quilt table


for the kiddos i made a coloring book (there were also little crayons i got from dollar tree and removed the cartoon paper and wrapped in ribbon) as well as vintage little golden book we collected from thrift stores


we drank pink lemonade (regular and adult) out of little quilted mason jars, and for my sorority sisters there was a single red carnation (our flower) and toast printed out with our names and date


heres a close up


we got an arbor with a coupon from beverlys and put it at the end of the aisle


heres what it looked like when it started to get dark


all of the trees in the backyard had twinkly lights on them that we got on sale after christmas


and heres the canopy we made for the dance floor (aka the patio) my dad built the frame and added the lights and my aunt made the fabric cover

my mom did the flowers and we just had various pink and white flowers

it turned out exactly how i imagined and now i have all of these little goodies from our wedding to decorate our place with!

oh and btw when i said we did...i meant me and my mom, brian was not involved in the wedding decor ha!


Courtney said...

so beautiful! i, of course, love the red carnation..

Megan said...

so so creative!! I LOVE all of the things you had on your table...sooooo beautiful, classic, and delicate...Absolutely lovely.

Amanda said...

courtney- i thought you might! you have to check out this wedding my friend found and sent me! youll love it!

megan-thanks! thats exactly what i was going for

{av} said...

The table was ABSOLUTELY stunning. I love the mixing of the different types of glass! Looks like you had a perfect day! {I was in a wedding on 6.26.10 too--kind of funny!} So happy I stumbled on your blog :) xoxo {av}

Courtney said...

amanda, thank you for that! axo is so special and we're lucky to have experienced it...i can't believe how axo-y her's was..pearls, at the house, scarlet red dresses and olive suits. i hope she was recognized in the magazine or something :)

carli knickerbocker said...

so pretty!! i love the vintage idea -- i may have to steal it for when i get married!! (not that it will be anytime soon, but still! haha)