Friday, October 15, 2010

wedding: the cake

so as it happens one of my best friends and sorority sisters mom makes wedding cakes


she wanted her gift to us to be to make the cake and i was thrilled! the cake totally exceeded my expectations! it was beautiful, so perfect and absolutely delicious! seriously! i want the steal her butter-cream frosting recipe and i dont even care for frosting that much!


the toppers are actually vintage salt and pepper shakers! i got them at a swap meet probably at least six months before we were even engaged ha! but i have know for a long time that i wanted my wedding cake to have vintage toppers on them and when i saw these i had to have them...something like that doesnt come along everyday

the cake stand was in this boutique section of a thrift store i frequent for the longest time and i wanted it so bad...problem was it was listed at $140!!! outrageous right? well the good thing about this thrift store (cause even the non boutique items are often overpriced) is that every week they have three different colored tags on sale, one 25%, one 50% and one 75% off

well at 75% of it would be $35 which isnt bad but every time its color tag was at 75% i never had the extra money

this happened for months before we got engaged but it never sold and i went to the thrift store after we got engaged to see if it was still there cause i knew i wanted it for the cake so we could have a cute small cake that didnt look puny

as fate would have it its color was 50% of which meant tuesday it would be 75%

with a reason to finally purchase it (and money from my parents for the wedding :) i went bright and early tuesday morning and snatched it up!

...and now its mine forever :)


Grammie said...

It was the cutest, sweetest little cake, just like you. If you actually get the buttercream frosting recipe, you must share with mama.

Marissa said...

That cake is adorable!!

emilia. said...

LOVE the cake. :) your blog is just too cute too.

_kArLy[*] said...

oh my! love this!