Wednesday, December 8, 2010

some updates

well the biggest update is that my lovely husband has joined the navy

well...we joined the navy i guess


he is going to be a hospital corpsman and he leaves in the spring

im both excited and nervous about this new stage of our lives and i cant wait to see what the future will bring!

we both got a "property of us navy" shirt (which i find totally hysterical btw),
but im thinking i should get some of these:


but...lets be honest, these are much more my style:

another update is that my photography website and blog are in the works!
hopefully ill have some time to finish them up soon!

also! i still havent finished all my posts on the wedding and i still have the honeymoon to post about!

and i did do my november 10 (well..not all of them) but for some reason all of the pictures were taken on someone elses camera

so im off to harass some people for pictures :)

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Diana Smith said...

congrats on joining the navy!! Love the underwear! too cute