Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oh christmas tree

heres our decorated christmas tree


a lot of the ornaments i picked up at the dollar store, target, walmart, and goodwill

and i have a few very girly ones i got when i worked at gottschalks and lived in the dorms and had a little 4ft tree

...but most of our ornaments are from this tradition that my family had

...basically we would get an ornament every year (usually depicting something that happened that year, or what we were involved in (i have tons of cheerleading ones!)) and we were all grown up we would have plenty of ornaments to put on our tree!

some of my favorites are:


my glass ballet slippers




and the little mermaid

and from when i was older:


my first year of college (even though i ended up switching schools)


the year i became a photo major


my sorority


and this is last years from when we moved into our place (which happens to be a townhouse...and i love that there are two little birds on it...fyi im the blue one because its much prettier hehe!)

i finally convinced hubbers to get the ones from when he was little from his mom (she doesnt put them up anymore)

there werent many but i love this one:


i got him these for his contribution to the tree (its very girly)


in honor of this (he was very excited!)


this year my mom got us this bridal couple (its on its way)


and i also got this one because we got engaged last christmas eve!

i absolutely love this tradition and i think i will continue to get us an ornament representing the year and it is definitely something ill do with my kids!


Anonymous said...

this is my family's tradition too! and JJ and i started doing it last year when we started dating. i can't wait to be married and have my own tree with all of my precious childhood memories on it. i think this is the best tradition :)

Michaela said...

Okay, girl we have a lot in common!! First, I love photograph and just got my own camera (canon rebel T1i) for my birthday in November. Second, we live in the Bay Area and LOVE the Giants! My family is obsessed with baseball (: Third, I have a ballet ornament close to yours! Fourth, we have the same ornament traditions in our family (: And fifth, I have a bunch of friends who go to Cal Poly. Hehe (: Loving your tree. Super cute!

Kate Weber said...

That is such a fun tradition! My dad used to carve ornaments for my older sisters each year. But then he got older and then I was born. :P So I never got any. But I think that's so much fun! I might have to do that with my future kids too! I like this idea!

I'm new to your blog and I can't wait to read more!


L A C E Y said...

i love them all!! :) i don't have any here of when i was younger... they're all still on mom & dad's tree hehe. oh, and thanks for the link for the bride and groom ornament. i love the little veil on the bride!!

Courtney said...

I'm new to your blog! But I'm an AXO as well! Can't wait to visit your blog again.