Thursday, November 4, 2010

my november 10

so i thought about doing the 30 for 30 but it honestly sounds like a little too much work for me

(hey at least im being realistic, ha!)

also about half the time i do get dressed is for work and since i work at a clothing store that is very particular about what you wear i cant be all that creative

however it did inspire me to do my own clothing challenge for the month

im caling it my

monthly 10

(but lets be realistic again...november might be the only month i do it :)

anyway...i decided to pick out ten things that i either havent worn in a long time, dont wear often, or bought recently (or not so recently) and have yet to wear for various reasons and make an attempt to find ways to wear them during the month

...and then post the outfits of course

i think it will be fun to mix things up (i have tons of clothes and basically wear the same pieces all the know what im talking about) and decide if these things really are worth keeping or not

so without further ado, my november 10:

i got these boots at the goodwill within the last couple of months ago and i think they are utterly adorable, problem is they fit perfectly and i keep envisioning wearing them with jeans but none of mine are skinny enough and ive yet to have the finances to get the ones i want


this dress is also from the goodwill. its banana republic and i got it 5-6 months ago and every time i try to wear it it just feels like its missing something


i got this sweater vest when i worked at gottshalks four years ago i wore it a lot when i worked there, since then ive worn it once or twice. its a combination of pairing it with the right pieces and just forgetting that i have it


this is anthoer goodwill find. its i.n.c. from macys and i love it, the main problem is actually how much i love cardigans...i have a whole drawer full, and i always end up wearing a different one


this sweater i got at a resale clothing store. its lc lauren conrad (which i believe is her line for kohls) and its super comfy and fun, but again i just always seem to grab a different sweater


another goodwill find, im not sure if its real but it is high quality leather and its reversible, brown on one side, black on the other. problem with this is it sits lower on my hips and i typically where belts that hit me around the waist


i got this shirt at crossroads and it is so me! my husband and sister like to joke that im a little girl and an old lady all wrapped into one...i guess i just forget about this one


this is a gap shirt i got fairly recently at the goodwill and just havent worn it yet


heres a detial of the cute!


and these last to are actually the same thing just different colors, but i included them both because they do very different things for an outfit, again i love these! they are so me, problem is they are in my coat closet (with all my jackets and sweatshirts) and i just completely forget about them

ive already got some ideas going for how to wear them and if anyone has any suggestions im all ears!

...and if anyone else would like to join in leave a comment and i'll add your links to the side bar

...and if not ill still have fun :)


L A C E Y said...

you find the best things at goodwill!! not sure how it would look in real life, but what about if you paired the green geometric BR dress with the lauren conrad knit and the boot with some grey tights?!

also, i have a sweater vest kind of like yours, but in charcoal gray. i usually wear it with a button up shirt and wide leg trousers (to work).

have fun with your challenge!

richelle jean said...

i LOVE the boots that you put up!! soo cute.

Lyndsay said...

You dont know me, and I am not even sure how I found your blog. Things like this are so fun, Im interested to see how you put them all together. Maybe I'll try something like this in my own closet. Good Luck! : )

Bex said...

You should wear the Bannana dress with the boots and maybe a thick brown belt?!

Amanda said...

haha thats what i was thinking! you know me so well!