Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wednesday wishes

the first one is the same as brooke's

one. for time to speed up till i see hubs again (and then slow down that whole day)

two. a call from brian

three. for the rain to go away and it to feel like may

four. a sketch like this from our wedding

five. for the laundry to magically do itself

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Brooke said...

Aw, great wishes!! You're almost there, You're going to have so much fun with him when you see him!!

Cait said...

Love number five, I feel that way about all my household chores :)

Michelle said...

So cute!!! I love it! And I wish time would slow down so I can avoid this deployment.

Grammie said...

Laundry only does itself if you train you children to do it, and i failed miserably in that department