Tuesday, May 17, 2011

so i've hardly touched the computer in days

and heres what's to blame:

well, actually it started with thursday, you see thursday is mail day round these parts

(round these parts? where am i from lol!)

anyway i happily skipped to the mailbox bright and early thursday morning

(ok it was 9:15, that's early for me)

waited for the mailman to finish, opened my box to find...


that's right, nothing.

my heart sank. mail comes every thursday

this is practically the only communication i have with my husband, i look forward to thursday all week

and there. was. nothing.

there was nothing friday

there was nothing saturday

and of course there was nothing sunday (i didn't check... thought about it though)

suffice to say i've been in a pretty mopey mood these last few days so that combined with my recent obsession with army wives on netflix i've avoided getting off the couch as much as possible

don't fret though, the heavens shined down and i got two sets of letters today

it seems hubs was so excited to send his letter last sunday that he rushed it out without putting our address on it. luckily he can now send letters out on wednesdays as well so i got both sets today

i may have cried when i saw them in the box

but i'll never tell :)


Michelle said...

Mail is the BEST!!!! And I am thinking that I will start watching Army Wives after Sam leaves. I feel like maybe it will provide me with some sort of distraction!

Grammie said...

Oh baby, I know it's hard, it will be over soon, but I know not soon enough.