Tuesday, May 10, 2011

please ignore my disheveled hair

this was after i took a 3hr nap

...i know ridiculous!


i wasn't in the mood for the normal wedges i wear to church so i want with my saltwater sandals

do you remember those? you probably had some when you were like...five

(yes my roots are atrocious!)

oh, and i had to weasel my sister into taking these pics since hubby's gone

she gripes and moans about it but i think she does a pretty good job


Brooke said...

She does a great job! I love your skirt :D

rebecca said...

i did have some of those sandals! and now i wish i had them again. they look comfy.

Michelle said...

Your outfit is adorable!!!And your little sis did a wonderful job!

Emily said...

So cute! And you don't look ridiculous after a 3 hour nap!

Kaycie said...

I DEF remember those sandals. And even though they're a little old-school, these pics totally made me want some... :) Where did you get them??

Amanda said...

I got them at either sunrise leather or takkens. I can't remember haha!