Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter edition


yes i realize easter was a whole week ago

yes i realize i'm a slacker

it happens, anyway even though i like to dress up more for church than a lot of people at my church do, easter i like to dress up even a bit more

what can i say? when you grow up getting a fancy easter dress each year it sticks

anyway you may (or more likely probably not) notice that this was my bridesmaids dresses

it was my sisters and was not her style, and it is totally mine cause (duh) i picked it out... anyway, score for me

and my wonderful hubby got me these shoes on our honeymoon!


and since i never got around to posting this before, here are my easter decorations:



and to answer your question: yes i just took this picture...these are still up and how long will they remain?  lordy only knows

oh! and my church is huge and has like 7 services normally and usually about 20 the whole week of easter so instead this year we went to arco 

aka power balance pavilion

aka where the kings (used to) play

this was during was pretty cool to see all the lights they passed out


Michelle said...

I loved your Easter decorations! Adorable! P.S. That color pink of your bridesmaids dress is a fantastic color on you!

Brooke said...

oh my gosh your dress is so pretty! I love that color :) and thanks for letting me know about that!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous pictures. And I'm soooo lovin your shoes. Glad you had a great Easter:)


Stephanie Thigpen said...

Love, love, loveee your outfit! And, girl, NEVER BEEN TO CHIK-FIL-A?! You must go. Trust me. It will change your life!

Courtney B said...

Your outfit is so so pretty! Love it! And your long hair..jealous!

mandyface said...

you look simply smashing dahling!