Wednesday, April 27, 2011

be sure to check out...


the new lovebird pictures i posted over at my photography blog!

and and you might want to become a follower cause i have a ton more pictures coming soon

oh! and in other news i found the most amazing facebook page!

it's for RTC aka navy boot camp! and the post pictures!!! gahh!!! i check it like a million times a day no lie im so addicted! finding it totally made my life right now!

besides that fact that they post pictures so i might get a glimpse of my hubby they also answer any questions you have which is amazing! and! i've made some friends with husbands/fiances either in brian's division or with the same graduation date. It's great talking to people who know what you're going through!

anywho, i hope you all have a fabulous wednesday!


Michelle said...

Super cute. I hope they love their photos as much as we loved ours.

Ashley said...

I wish I knew of that page when my husband was at basic! The Proud Navy Girlfriends, Wives, Fiancees page was one that helped me through bootcamp. I hope you get to see a picture of your husband!