Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding: attire continued

I guess i should post about the rest of the partys attire as well lol

i mean...i did pick it out and everything :)

these are the girls dresses (they no longer have that color) and their shoes were just shimmery sandals from here and i made some of these type of flowers and attached them to make them a little fancier :)

the boys tuxes are from here (we saved 1/2 the price by not renting jackets!!!)


ma's dress was from here and complimented the colors perfectly

my two nephews were the ring-bearers and little brothers vest was from here and the rest from here i believe


big brothers outfit was also from came with a matching jacket that was beyond adorable, but didnt go with the casual feel of the wedding

ma and i went to so many places looking for her dress and the little boys outfits and i searched every inch of the internet and found they only dress in the color i was imagining for the girls...which luckily turned out to be fabulous!

(especially since my baby sister, being 13, didnt care for it so much so now i have one!)


L A C E Y said...

great choice on the sandals for the bridesmaids! i love them.

Amanda said...

thanks! ya, i wanted something a little more casual since it was in our backyard :)

plus most of my bridesmaids were poor college students so it doesnt help to keep it cheap ha!