Tuesday, April 12, 2011

well he left today...


i dont know what else to say except i miss him


knowing that you're not going to see your husband for 2 months (and not even talk to him really) and not live with him again for 6 months is weird to say the least...it's unlike anything i've ever felt


so this morning my brother -in-law and i went down to watch brian swear in (our parents were out of town)

and say (a very quick) goodbye


i miss him lots but i'm so proud of him


Kandice said...

i've seriously been waiting for another post from you! i'm so glad you posted while i was online. i'm a new follower of your beautiful self and beautiful blog so i was waiting for more of your story. especially with your husband.

so speaking of that, i'm sorry you two have to be apart for so long but you can only hope it makes your love stronger. i wish you the best, darling! you must be very strong and it's quite inspiring :)

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

This must be very difficult! My fiance and I are long distance right now and have been for about a year with one more to go while he finishes grad school. He is off to Peru this summer for 7 weeks for a field assignment for his masters project and we won't be in contact at all, so, I understand how tough it can be at times, to a point, but can't relate exactly...I just want you to know I'm sending a few extra smiles your way and it is so sweet of you to be proud of him...I bet he is proud of you too! :)

Liesl :)

Courtney said...

Amanda, I'm so happy to see you back but know these next few months will be hard for the both of you. both of your courage is inspiring! i hope the time passes quickly.

Brooke said...

Amanda! Is he leaving for the Navy? I didn't know about this! Girl, welcome to the military life! ha My fiance was in bootcamp last summer and it was so hard but so worth it. Be sure to write to him everyday even if you can't send it yet since you don't have his address, but once you do and you send a huge package full of letters HE'LL LOVE IT! gah I'm so excited you're kinda "joining the club." Not excited he left but it gets a little better eventually. If you need to talk I'm here!! seriously :) xox

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Oh goodness... I remember those first 2 months after he left clear as day. It was awful. But believe me, it gets much easier. :)

Michelle said...

It gets a million times easier, except when they deploy. But it really does. The first two weeks are always the worst. And the best part of this whole thing is when you are reunited. It's like the best present you'll ever get.