Monday, February 7, 2011

sunshine sunday

so last week i got rained out of my outfit and this week i got sunned out (aka it was too hot!)

but thats ok cause i love this outfit too!


the shirt is from this (which i have yet to post about ekk!)

and the shoes are the ones i got here

and that skirt i got on sale for $6.99!


oh and btw the simply vera wang tights from kohls are my favorite


lulu wouldnt stand with daddy, she wanted to be in the pictures

...actually, i think she just likes mama better :)

p.s. look at how much bigger shes gotten!


L A C E Y said...

i love your outfit and your puppy!

ps. i haven't clicked on your blog in awhile, but your new header is darling! :) i just love the polaroids - i used them in my header too!

Jennifer said...

This is the cutest outfit! I love the pink shoes.

PS: Your adorable dog makes this even more precious!

Courtney said...

lulu is precious! cute outfit too :)

Living Foxy said...

cute outfit and adorable puppy.

I'm a new follower:)

Young People in Love said...

LOVE this outfit! The pink and navy blue are such a fun combo and that belt is KILLER. :) So glad I found your blog!

_kArLy[*] said...

too cute! What a fun blog you have! I love it, and am excited to start catching up on all your posts!

Ashley said...

lovvve the outfit!!! awwww i love how in love you and your man look! your blog header is so cute!

Victoria said...

super cute outfit! I love your beachy hair!

AVY said...

Cuteness, the both of you!

Bridget said...

cute vintage shoes!