Monday, January 31, 2011

rain check

so i had a different outfit planned out for sunday, but the rain had other plans

so heres what i pulled on to stay warm and dry:



freestyle is basically like crossroads (gently used clothing)

oh! and i got that $200 jacket for 12.50! (well, plus tax)

seriously! it must have been a couple years old and got sent to the store on accident. it was hiding in the stock room forever and eventually went down in price to $24.90 and we had a 50% off clearance sale (which is going on right now too btw) and i snagged it!


i also made my first hair tutorial see...i was inspired by this post to try this rope braid

my mom used to do my hair like this, so i just tried to see if i could make it low and loose


Running On Happiness said...

You look adorable and warm. I love your braid and rain boots! I want to rock a pair but it never rains where I live!

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Michaela said...

How fun! If I had really long hair like you, I'd totally do my whole hair in it. My cousin's mom used to do our hair like this in high ponytails when we were little. I always loved it!

You look adorable, friend! Love the jacket (: