Sunday, January 30, 2011


So since i got all of the wedding posts done i can finally post about the honeymoon

we were lucky enough that my parents have a time share that you can move around and their wedding gift to us was a week of it! we were originally going to go to cabo to the same resort we went to in cancun the year before, but we werent able to book that hotel again and we realized that we probably couldnt afford a plane ticket and definitely couldnt afford to rent a car (since neither of us are 25)

so we looked at all the places we could drive to and decided on del mar, california (near san diego) which was perfect because i desperately wanted to go to disneyland and get bride ears!

i honestly didnt take that many pictures...i was having too much fun!

but heres a few that i have:


this was the first full day, we walked along the beach a bit


the second day we went to disneyland! disneyland is one of my favorite places to go and ive always wanted to get those bride ears when i got married

this is how i know my husband loves me...i didnt even beg him to wear these, in fact, i didnt even ask him cause i figured he wouldnt, when we were driving to del mar i told him how excited i was to get bride ears to which he proceeded to say, "i dont have to wear them do i?" and i said, "i guess not, but youll wear the just married button (which you cant really see in this picture) right?" he said yes and the conversation was over

then...about and hour later its totally quiet and hubby pipes up with "i guess i could wear some ears for you"

i was so excited! it basically made my life!

we ate at the blue bayou restaurant, its the one you see inside pirates of the Caribbean and ive always wanted to eat there

we were seated right on the water and they even gave us free dessert!

(i think its cause when i called a week ahead to book our reservation they asked if it was a celebration and i told them it was our honeymoon :)


we actually only went to the beach (in swimsuits and all) one day!

i know crazy! cause we love the beach!

it was really foggy, which would normally be sad but it was so hot at home when we left that we were glad for the cool weather

anyway i finally brought my camera to take some pictures


ha! you can see me taking the picture!




look at the awesome swimsuit i got at target for like $18!

i dont normally wear one piece suits, but i had been wanting a cute one

it was such a fun trip! we ate lots of yummy food and did lots of shopping and went for a ton of walks on the beach!

hubby even golfed at torrey pines...this was his disneyland


Courtney said...

I love your Disney ears! Looks like it was a great time.

{av} said...

wow--looks like you had the perfect honeymoon! love love love your bride ears--and your hubby is such a saint :) I've loved watching Torrey Pines on TV today...I think my husband would be in heaven there too! enjoy your night, my dear! xoxo {av}

Megan said...

that story about you and your hubby and the ears sounds exactly like a conversation my husband and I would have..LOVED it. I love what our men are willing to put up with for us :)

This was such a cute post.