Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i interrupt previously scheduled posting to bring you: brunch!

so hubby didnt have to go to work until noon yesterday so i decided to make us brunch!


we love love LOVE tower cafe and especially love their "famous french toast"

if you are ever anywhere near sacramento go there! in fact, if i would probably make a trip just to go there!

seriously though its i probably the best french toast in the entire world

im not kidding its that good

so anyway i decided to make my own version of it


(maybe ill post my recipe later)


it was cloudy and kind of dark outside so i used some candles and candlesticks from here


we also had mimosas, turkey bacon, and fruit

we also listened to the mix that we played during our wedding while eating...but thats just because its the perfect music to listen to while eating, since thats precisely what i chose it for


and when we went shopping sunday night for the stuff we needed to make brunch, hubby bought me these flowers cause he knows how much i love having flowers in the house!

it was such a scrummy and nice brunch and i got to sip on mimosas the rest of the morning while i did the dishes ♥


Anonymous said...

um, best day ever? i think so.

please oh please post that recipe. i love making new french toast recipes. and i love that you played music and lit candles instead of eating by the tv. what a perfect touch!

Megan said...

brunch is my favorite.

what a romantic in between morning and afternoon!

Courtney said...

i am obsessed with brunch...especially when mimosas are involved too! Looks delightful.

Eva said...

i love mimosas during brunch...

what a sweet thing to do, i probably would have just slept in with him as long as possible. also..mmm bacon..


Ramsey said...

Completely lovely! I want brunch tomorrow...wonder if boyfriend would go for skipping work...

Cara said...

Love the candles for brunch! So pretty! I was thinking of using tea lights for my wedding but seeing these tapers makes me think I should spring for them

Amanda said...

e.day- it was a perfect day! and dont worry ill post it in a couple of days, oh and don get me wrong...we eat in front of the tv at least half the time ha! im trying to cut it down at dinner time

cara- you totally should! the withe ones i got 2 for a dollar at dollar tree and the pink ones were a dollar each at michaels and the candlesticks were all form thrift stores (dollar tree has some good ones too if you want them all the same)

Anna Walker said...

Please please please post your recipe! That French Toast looks soooo yummy! :)