Monday, January 14, 2013

Queen of Hearts

I've got a quick, easy, cute, and cheap (what more could you ask for really?) Valentine's Day decor DIY for you.

And I know what you're thinking... Isn't it to early to decorate for v-day?

Nope. No it's not.

Moving on...

The supplies you need are as follows:

-Heart doilies (I got these in the Target dollar bin)
-String of choice (I used this pink and white yarn because it was cute (ok...because I already had it, but it is cute) twine would be cute too

Ta dah! Bam! that's it!

The directions are even easier! Thread the string through the doilies like so:

Hang it up:

And you're done!

Literally the most basic thing ever, but seriously so cute!

...and it makes it semi-okay that the tree is gone...but only semi


Whitney said...

Your blog is beautiful! And so are you! I'm so excited for valentine's day! i keep thinking it's far away but it's creeping up on us!

happy to be following along now!


Heather Marie said...

lol, that's so funny because that's exactly what i was going to do with mine! i bought them a week or so ago, and they've been sitting on my kitchen table just waiting for me to string them up! yours turned out very cute!