Sunday, October 16, 2011

happenings lately

I've been sick. Just a little congestion (and therefore cough and sore throat) nothing too bad but I've been trying to take it easy so I can get better asap

Lulu and I had lunch with Stephanie and adorable little Hallie.  We were bad bloggers and took no pictures except this one (which I snagged from Stephanie) but we did have the same hairstyle which obviously means we're besties.

oh! and Lulu and Hallie are obsessed with each other, clearly

we went to the a lot! cause we love it and are obsessed and I think we just can't believe we're really back in CA so we have to go to the ocean to convince ourselves (haha! jk...I just step outside and know I'm in CA and not TX)

and I joined pinterest

and it took over my life

...the end


Jillian said...

Feel better soon!! I had a horrible cold the last couple of weeks so I know how you feel. Hopefully it will pass without any trouble!

p.s. love your pinterest pins.

Michaela said...

How fun that you met up with her (: Hope you feel better soon, girl! Drink lots of tea (:

Tiffany said...

Pinterest is beyond wonderful! I have actually tried 3 new recipes in the last 8 days because I've found so many wonderful things on there! And I hope you get to feeling better, but at least you get to drink out of that DARLING tea cup!!