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guest blogger: michelle from life's little indulgences!

my next guest poster is acutally a close personal friend of mine, michelle (yes, in real life haha!)
she is an army wife who is aslo married to her high school sweetheart and she's such a genuinely nice person!

enjoy her adive for military spouses and be sure to check out her page!

oh! and don't you just love this pic from her wedding? i may be biased though :)

I am so honored to be guest blogging here on Amanda's page! What a talented woman she is! 

My husband and I. Our first dance as a married couple.

The advice I am going to give is only through experience and a lot of these, I wish someone had told me before I started my military adventure. It would have made things MUCH easier. Not all of it is the most upbeat, but it is completely honest. I was given some of the little pieces below when we started our military life as a couple through friends and family with previous military experience and some of the pieces of advice below are ones I have learned all on my own. 

1. Learn military time. There is no escaping it.
2. Never believe anything the military says, unless it's happening.
3. Never take second hand information as the final answer. Always do your own research and contact DOD offices directly.
4. The commissary has the best prices. Always. And they accept coupons.
5. Use EVERY single resource you can find. They are there for a reason.
6. Always, always, always drive the speed limit on post/base. If it says 30 MPH you better drive 30 MPH.
7. Have a close group of friends who are military wives. More than 4 and gossip usually becomes the root of your relationships.
8. Before deployments, ask the hard questions about their funeral wishes. The conversation may be very difficult but if something does happen, at least you'll know what your partner would want.
9. Have copies of everything and as many power of attorneys as you can get your hands on.
10. Take pictures of everything before deployment, those pictures will mean so much when they are gone.
11. The military is your husband's mistress or your wife's secret lover. They will always get more attention.
12. Always ask companies if they offer military discounts. Most cellular companies give 15% off your monthly bill and most sporting good stores do as well.
13. We all know that military pay isn't the most luxurious paycheck so manage your money well and stay within your means. Leaving the military with no dept is a huge success.
14. The best hidden secret about the military is you can fly military planes for free or next to nothing. Hello trip to Hawaii.
15. Even after basic training, write your spouse little love letters. 

I hope you all enjoyed my little list and please, add a comment below if you have some more advice to give that I did not include. The more advice for others, the easier this journey gets. Have a great Monday everyone and enjoy the week. 

I thought my guest blog would feature some advice I have for other military spouses and a little bit of advice towards gearing up for deployments.

My husband and I have been married two weeks shy of six months and are in the beginning weeks of our first deployment. My husband is an infantryman in the Army and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. We are stationed in Fort Carson, CO. You can find my own blog over at Life's Little Indulgences. 

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Brooke said...

these tips are so great! I love being able to ask about discounts :)