Friday, June 17, 2011

guest blogger: brooke from bright wishes!

so i'm sure you all know that i'm moving to texas this weekend (how could you not? it's all i talk about!)

so anyway i thought it would be fun to have a couple of my fav military spouse/ future spouse bloggers on here to let you all (and me) know a little bit about this military life i'm about to start

first up we have brooke who's fiance is in the navy just like brian :)

enjoy her post and be sure to check out her amazing page!

Hello! I'm Brooke from Bright Wishes and I am SO glad that Amanda asked me to guest post. She's in the middle of moving and starting her new life with her husband as a military wife :) I am a military fiance - soon to be wife and I love mostly everything about it. My fiance has only been in the military for close to a year so I don't have as much experience as other wives. We haven't gone through a deployment and hopefully won't but being part of the military world is a whole new experience. It's wonderful and painful all at the same time. 

Of course the worst part of your significant other being in the military is being away from one another. It's not the same as if you were in a "regular" long distance relationship. You can't just pack up your bags and see them whenever you want especially if you're not married. Most of the time they are away for months or years. Of course when I talk about this not every family is the same so I am only speaking from my experience. In the past year I've seen my fiance for all of approximately 24 days and parts of those spent crying because you don't want to leave or want them to leave. I can't stand when people talk about their husband/girlfriend/fiance/wife being away for a whole week or the weekend. I think they should be thankful that they get to see each other mostly everyday.

The great part about my fiance being in the military is of how proud I am of him. For someone to want to join the military to help others while bettering their own life is just amazing. They go through so much on a daily basis. That moment you see at boot camp graduation when all the soldiers or sailors come marching out and you see him transformed, you get the biggest feeling of pride and a realization that your life is just starting. The benefits are also a good part and also making so many great friends in real life and the blogging world. We all tend to stick together because no one really knows what it's like until you are in that situation.

Thanks Amanda for having me :)

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Jillian said...

Brooke nailed it! I will always have respect for my man and what he does for our country. Love and respect are key ingredients to a relationship, and they will ultimately transcend the distance. Military life is difficult, but rewarding.

Congrats on your new future together, amanda! The military blog community helps me tremendously. Glad you're apart of it!