Friday, May 6, 2011

afternoon at target

so what was supposed to be a quick trip to target to get some cat and dog food turned into a 30 minute leisurely stroll around the whole store

why? you ask...

well see i went in, got my cart, got the pet food, and was just about to head to checkout when...

rinnnnnnggg...i look down and hubby is calling me!!!
(actually my phone doesn't sound like rinnnnngg, it sounds like this)

and since it was too hot to go sit out in the car, and i still needed to buy that cat and dog food, i just wandered around target for 30 mins while i talked to my husband

normally thins would have been really bad as i would've bought lots of things i shouldn't, but luckily i was quite engrossed in the conversation i was having :)

right after he had to say goodbye i did see this:


is that not the cutest little swimsuit you've ever seen in your life??

i so wish i had a little girl to buy this for!


Brooke said...

My daughter has that swimsuit!!! I need to send you a picture! here's one!

Michelle said...

You should just buy it for the future. :) It is pretty adorable. I know a couple that buys stuff for their future children and I think it is adorable.

Amanda said...

michelle- i TOTALLY thought about it, but i wouldn't know what size to get lol!

and i do too but usually at the goodwill so that if the baby isn't the right size at the right season it's on like $2 :)