Monday, April 18, 2011

update 1: disneyland!!!!!!


this is the only picture i took

i know.

i'm a slacker.

and as wet as we look in this picture it wasn't really rainy until about 5 min before this picture

then the monsoon hit.

normally i go for the princess look and wear a tiara but after getting the minnie mouse bride ears on our honeymoon i decided minnie mouse ears were the way to go

oh! and if you look closely you'll notice that hubby isn't wearing his wedding ring

he left it in the bathroom of the hotel.

the maid stole it.

the only thing that gives me any satisfaction is it was titanium and worth basically nothing

anyway disneyland was amazing as always

i mean, it's the happiest place on earth! who wouldn't love it there?

oh...and don't worry, we got hubs a new ring

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