Monday, April 18, 2011

100 things about me: part 1

so i know this is my second post today but stephanie at polos, pearls, and pacifiers is doing a 100 things about me linkup where you post 25 for the next four mondays and i thought it would be fun :)

let's see if i can actually come up with 100 things that anyone would want to know ha!

1. i miss my husband


2. i am now a united states navy wife

3. my middle name is michelle, i was named after my daddy (michael)

4. i have two adorable (and crazy) little nephews

5. i have one younger sister (by 10 years)


6. i have one older half brother (by 13 years)

7. i love pugs, especially this little princess


8. i want to be a mommy more than anything in the world

9. my favorite movie is breakfast at tiffanys

10. when i was 3 i broke my leg

11. i met my husband when i was 15 and he was 14


12. i love to cook and bake

13. i have a bachelors degree in photography


14. my birthday is february 11, aka the best day of the year

15. at it's longest point my hair is almost past my hips

16. dishes and laundry are my nemesis

17. i have never lived outside of california

18. my favorite color is pink


19. i play magic on the playstation, you know, that really nerdy card game that the weird kids in high school (and jr. college) would play at lunch? ya...that one. only on the playstation though :)

20. i am currently car-less. i mean, i have brian's car to drive (though its not really his car, his parents gave us their old van when his car stopped working, and of course this happend to mine

21. i love the goodwill, or most thrift stores for that matter

22. i will always call my mommy, mommy and my daddy, daddy


23. my favortie food is sushi, ice cream, dounts, pizza, or breakfast...just not all at once

24. grocery shopping is my favorite chore

25. this was the most challenging thing i've done in a while...i need to read more

Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers


Stephanie Thigpen said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you linked up! And I'm totally with you on the hair... Mine is SO long right now, but I've had it much longer. Are you still in California?! And Goodwill has my heart. <3

Courtney said...

that picture of you and the hubs is soo cute. you two look so young!! did you break your leg at 3? Fall off the bed?

Rorie said...

New follower!!

Loove your blog!!

Feel free to check me out!

Anonymous said...

i'm super excited! i love your list!

<3 i'm your newest follower!

Grammie said...

You broke your leg when you were 2.

SMY said...

Sushi & doughnuts are by far my two favorite foods and I could eat them together HAHA. I am a doughnut connoisseur.