Tuesday, March 15, 2011

so i havent been around...

i just havent really had much to say

and ive been kind of busy

but mostly i just havent been in the mood to go on the computer...which is weird, cause i go on the computer multiple times a day, and i have hardly touched the thing in a week

so before i got catch up on all your lovely blogs i have to tell you about the amazing deal i got at safeway the other day...

so i stroll down the cereal aisle and i see these signs that say buy 2 get 3 free

buy 2 get 3. free.

i literally stared at it for 5 mins to make sure i was reading it right and it didnt say get 3rd free 

while i was doing this a lady came up and did the same thing ha!

so instead of being $4.50 each they were $1.80!

crazy right?

these were the ones on sale (plus a couple others):


can you believe i got all these boxes for $9?


see those coupons on the boxes that say save $1 on fresh fruit? well that was if you bought two kelloggs cereals, and since i technically bought 5 (even though i only payed for 2) i was able to used two of the coupons and get these strawberries for $.50 each



i love getting a great deal :)

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Brooke said...

what? that's awesome! I love some good deals.