Wednesday, February 2, 2011

valentines decor

valentines day is my favorite holiday

my. absolute. favorite.

dont get me wrong, christmas is the best time of the year but i love valentines day, even if it not a real holiday

who wouldnt love a holiday thats all about love and hearts and pink!

but the main reason i love valentines day is because it is precisely 3 days after my birthday

and my birthday is my favorite day of the year

all of my birthday parties were valentines themed and every time valentines day stuff comes out in the stores i know my birthday is coming up

so without further ado, my valentines decorations:





it was fun to decorate because i got to pull out some of my pink pretties from the wedding

and have stuff out from the wedding makes me happy :)


Megan said...

awww love all of your little v-day candles

Claire said...

Oh i love the idea of valentines decorations! Yours are cute!