Friday, February 11, 2011

happy birthday to me!

so today is my birthday and im just chillin with my favorite birthday present in all of my 24 years!


(lulu wanted to put on tiaras in honor of mamas birthday)

so i was going to post a bunch a birthday pictures from the past

buuuuut i didnt have time to go to my parents and find them

soooooo youll have to settle for the two i could get off facebook


my 22nd birthday

it was serenades (where the fraternities and sororities sing to each other) a couple of the fraternities sang happy birthday to me


my 20th birthday

the year i got my tiara from my roomie (seen here)

for my birthday we dressed up (in little black dresses, of course), drank sparkling apple cider, ate bruschetta and alouette, and watched breakfast at tiffanys (both of our favorite movie)

actually...that doesnt sound like a bad plan for the day :)


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday, Dear!

Courtney said...

happy birthday! I hope its the best on yet.

_kArLy[*] said...

bahah. that might be good. we'll have to invent some sorta recipe, id probably try something like tho! haha oh man.. anyways! happy birthday lovely!
love,kar :]

Shooting Stars Mag said...

happy birthday. what a cute dog! i realized i didn't send a note...soo i had you for the v-day swap. I hope you got your gift!!