Saturday, January 1, 2011

so its new years day...

and im putting away my christmas tree...

its twinkly lights make me happy and im a little sad to see it go for the year but its time

but first a look at all my pretty packages wrapped under this tree...


i used wrapping and packing paper and ribbon and twine from the dollar tree

i also use these tags found via


my favorite gift i gave this year (and probably may favorite gift i ever gave) was to my husband

getting him presents is tricky because he doesnt really want or need anything and he doesnt want you to get him something just to get him something...i had to get creative

i saw this post a while back and thought it was super cute


but instead of rootbeer i used beer because hubbers loves beer

originally i was going to go here to get single beers but they dont have a huge selection and i wanted to get ones that he had never had

then a coworker told me about this place and they have a whole giant aisle, both sides, of make your own 6 pack!!! they probably have every beer in the world its crazy!


they also had little descriptions of each beer so i stealthily took pictures of each (thank g for camera phones) and made up a little taste chart


anyway i think hubby really liked it because he is "saving them" because they are "special" and alcohol doesnt usually last very long in this house...


Michaela said...

Hey girlfriend- Thanks for your comment on my blog! Sorry to reply to it in a comment, but I couldn't find your e-mail. If you go to comment settings and add your email there, then I can directly e-mail you back from the comment you left me (:
Anyways, I totally think you could do all your hair in the rope braid! Especially if you have thin hair...try it and let me know how it works out (:

Megan said...

stumbled upon your blog...and LOVE.

I MISS is the wind (sun) beneath my wings.

My husband LOVES that place where you create your own six pack... it was usually a topic of conversation at any social gathering with men..

xx from Across The Pond,

Bridget said...

that's such an awesome idea. i love it.

Courtney said...

I am totally stealing this idea. I love it!! Thanks for sharing.