Thursday, December 23, 2010

on saturday

i went with my family to see this...


we like to take pictures under the lights


going to the nutcracker has started to become a tradition (we did not intend on matching last year)


i loved my outfit especially my hair


particularly because of the giant bow


my dad came along this year which made it much more amusing

at "half-time" aka intermission we had to explain to him the whole story which he somehow missed

and earlier we were discussing the long dance that the sugar plum fairy has with her seriously goes on forever

anyway i inform them that its a pas de deux and thats just what they are

and when my mom inquires as to what that is exactly my dad chimes in with "so its a pot of deuh?"

and then when the dance was taking place my mom leans over and tells him "this is the pas de deux" to which he replies

"dont curse me"



anyway then we went to mels (which has become part of the tradition)


meatloaf: the only thing my sister orders at this place, shes a strange one


and we took scary face pictures

...what did you do this weekend?


Nicole Marie said...

the nutcrakcer is my favorite!! i get goosebumps every time i hear a song or see the ballet!

Cait said...

I love your bow. I'm a huge fan of hair bows and wear them whenever I can. It goes perfectly with your outfit!