Saturday, August 14, 2010

lets start with waffles


so i have a LOT to catch up on... the wedding, honeymoon, bridal shower, shopping, crafting, cooking, and everything else from the summer


...but im starting with waffles! yum!


hubbers and i LOVE waffles and we've been using this baby almost everyday... seriously


we received the waffle maker from one of my best friends and old room mate. it was actually a little surprise because it had com in the mail while we were on our honeymoon and when my mother-in-law brought it inside a cabinet got put on top of it (more on that later) and it took me about a week or so after we were back to notice it was there!


and i haven't stopped making waffles since


Nicole said...

those waffles look delicious--especially with all the strawberries!

Cindy said...

I could eat waffles for every meal. I have a belgian waffle maker, but i wish I had yours!!