Tuesday, July 15, 2008

vintage apron swap

this was the first swap i hosted and it was fabulous! this is the apron i sent to Kathleen

look at the cute little guy on the pocket!
I also had SO much fun embroidering these tea towels!  im gonna have to make some for myself!
i also left a little (and i mean little) surprise in the pocket
and these are the aprons i received (thats right...i said apronS, plural, 3 of them in fact!) this one has got to be my favorite! it has the cutest little kitty batting at a butterfly...im in love!
this is the second.  its so light and pretty
it was just to hot to stay out and take a pic of the third but look at the pattern Dawne sent with the aprons!  now i can make my own vintage apron!
once i was back inside i snapped a close-up of the pretty print on the third apron
I dont think i have used so many exclamation points in one post!  thanks soooo much Dawne!! and Kathleen i hope you enjoy!

so suffice to say my latest obsession=vintage aprons


The Fruid said...

Lovely aprons and I love the tea towels that you embroidered!

Tara... said...

wow! love the frills around the sleeves on your apron - i've bought a few vintage aprons myself and really should have a go at one myself soon! Thanks for the link, happy swapping, Tara (sewgorgeous) here from Swap-bot