Wednesday, July 16, 2008

flee-mart weekend

here is some jewelry i got at the flee mart last weekend (why do they call it flee-mart anyway...eww gross) but anyway
i just thought they were so much fun! and everything was .25 to .50 each
the heart pin and ring are so shabby chic and i LOVE shabby chic! the little owl is so whimsical, i have no idea what that other pin is but its really cool, and that b pin is just so fabulous that i HAD to get it (even though neither my 1st or last name starts with B (but my boyfriends does so if anyone demands a reason for the B i can just use that (i cant believe i just put a () in a () and now in a ()!!!!))

i got that book too and i have more fun finds to post later, but i will stop now since im rambling


Amanda said...

Those are cute! I really like the rose one. :)

plumstars said...

I love the owl!! :)