Monday, November 14, 2011

Best mascara ever???

Ok, so I may not have found the best mascara ever,

but I did find the best mascara for me

now let me start off with I've been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for the longest time

what would make my perfect mascara? well, here is my criteria:

big thick pretty lashes
(I'm a fan of volume over length)

preferably drugstore 
(This one wasn't a necessity, it would just be ideal. For one, it makes it easy.  I can just pick it up when I need it during one of my multi-weekly target trips.  And two, while I typically believe it's worth spending the money on higher-end makeup (it's way better in most cases and last much longer so most of the time it's a better deal long term) mascara needs to be thrown out every three months (I have some issues with my eyes so I'm a stickler for this rule) and that can get pricey)

and most importantly, it can't bother my eyes
(I have fairly sensitive eyes and I wear contacts so a lot of mascaras bother me. I've had some mascaras give me itchy eyes and others make my eyes water like crazy.  I have found some that I liked and worked for awhile but a lot of them by the end of the day were giving me problems)

in comes (dun dun dunnn...)

whew...that was a mouthful

anywho, this mascara is AMAZING!!! while I've only used it for 2 days I am loving it!

It doesn't have any of that harsh synthetic chemical junk that I'm sure is what bothers my eyes yet it still works really well and gives me nice, big, thick, luscious lashes. It ranks just as good or really close with some of my all time favorite (expensive) mascaras, and while some of them may be a bit better on the volume I'm gonna go with this one cause I can wear it all day with no problems!

in fact, I even slept in it last night by accident (totally passed out without meaning to!) and felt no irritation this morning! A miracle I tell ya!

I will say it didn't hold the curl in my eyelashes quite as well as most of my favorite mascaras but it wasn't too bad and i was able to re-curl and add another coat without any of that normal icky kinks and clumping.  It looked just as good as it did when I put it on that morning!

also the packaging is pretty cheap and tacky looking but overall it's a great product and I would definitely recommend it to someone with sensitive eyes or someone looking for good natural makeup options

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Lindsay R said...

i too am picky about volume rather than length so this suggestion means much more to me. i prob wouldn't buy this just because of the look (no reason in particular) but i'm taking your advice. :)


Anna Elder said...

physcians formula is the best brand for sensitive skin. They also have great powder. However, I'm a sucker for Clinique mascara. It's by far my favorite ever. It's always nice to find a product you love. Especially affordable ones!

jessica {creative index} said...

i love the mascara i use, but have been wanting to try something new... might have to try this one... plus i like the packaging!

feel free to stop by my blog and check out all the festive gift ideas and discounts! :)