Saturday, September 10, 2011

just stopping in real quick

to do a little update

but lets be honest, it may not be quick

and i may ramble

...a lot

it's pretty late...these things happen

(oh and btw i only have internet momentarily)

anywho, so i've been crazy busy and oh em gee were moving in like a week!!!


i feel like i need to start packing but i only brought necessities so if i pack then we wont have things we need

also, how did i manage to get 81 followers when i haven't blogged like at all???

i mean, i know some of them came from this pretty lady and this pretty lady but quite a few were there before...strange

but anyway i'll be back soon so as not to disappoint ;)

and i'll check out all of your lovely blogs as soon as i have regular internet lol

oh! and be sure to participate in the bloggy bridal shower i'm throwing for little miss brooke! and if you want to send her a little pressy-pres (i'm gonna make her a cute little something ;) be sure to email me soon so you can get it to her in time for her to open in at the shower :)

oh! and i may have found the perfect place to live in oceanside so *fingers crossed* it all works out

also, when did it become september??? i'm actually totally ready for fall this year

yay for tights!!!

normally i dread the end of summer but this time i'm so ready!

(not like it feels anything like fall here...i'm still in texas after all lol)

anywho i have much more to say but those will be other posts for other times

also, sorry if this post is a hot's late and i don't feel like editing it haha!


URBakin'MeCrazyy said...

To be honest, I do not even remember where I found your blog.. However, I began reading it and loved it.!
Keep it up! :)

Brooke said...

I am so ready for fall too!! I am so excited for your move :D