Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the puggie's new clothes

ok so I'm not normally one to dress up my dog (though I have been known to make her a tutu) but when we saw this little number at walmart I couldn't resist! (especially when a friend decided to buy it as a could I say no?) I mean, it says xox lulu for crying out loud!

and of course she looks so darn cute in it!


Anna Walker said...

Aw your Pug looks so cute in that little pink outfit!
How did she like putting it on? How long did she last in the outfit too! Haha
In winter we always put sweaters on our dogs when it gets really cold outside!

Grammie said...

Ohhhh!!! This reminds me of when you used to dress your sister up and take pictures of her. I can't believe my word verification is "bunmen" hahaha I know, random.

Shane Prather said...

Just came across your blog from Love is Everywhere... love it. Your pug is adorable, i have a black one :) Look forward to reading more!

Liesl said...

Cuteness! My younger sister LOVES pugs and I feel she needs to see this!

Liesl :)