Saturday, July 2, 2011

boot camp graduation

so i finally asked my father-in-law to send me the pics from brian's graduation 

so i got there 2 hours before the ceremony even started and then had to sit through an hour and a half ceremony while i was staring at the husband i hadn't seen for 2 months... needless to say i was anxious!

in fact the night before i could stand the fact that i was literally across the street from him and i could not go see was agonizing! plus i was like a little kid on christmas and got like 2 hours of sleep cause i was far too excited!

anyway, as soon as they called for liberty i RAN to him

...well ran into a mass of sailors ...and then couldn't find him, but i did, don't you worry

and i leaped into his arms and didn't let was the best feeling ever!

so anyway, without further ado:

finally in my sailor's arms! ♥  

and my favorite picture ever:



Michelle said...

Boot camp graduation is one of the greatest days of their military career!!! Especially for their ladies! Congratulations!!!

Brooke said...

These are great pictures! I love the one of you finding him. I couldn't find Mr. Charming forever and I could see him the whole time so I don't know how I could lose him, but everyone was going crazy haha.