Wednesday, June 8, 2011

military wives club

two of my sorority sisters came over on monday

one of them, erin, i actually didn't really know (she joined the semester after i went alum) and the other was my good friend michelle

these two alpha chis are also military wives.  both of their husbands are in the army.

it was so great to get together with these lovely women and talk about everything we're going through and about to go through. we're all at different stages of this journey.

erin is at the beginning of boot camp

i'm almost through that

and michelle is at the beginning of a long deployment

we live in different places, have different circumstances, and our husbands are all doing different things

but we are all without them and we miss them

it has been so amazing to find so many women in this situation in my real life as well as through blogging, facebook, and twitter

it really is true that only another military wife can know what you're going through

i am so thankful for all of these friendships i have made as well as all of the sorority sisters i have (even those i have yet to meet) it is so great to have a common bond (whether military, sorority or both) to bring so many different people together


Michelle said...

It was a great time. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed hearing that I'm not alone. Also, I started watching Army wives last night from the very beginning and I'm obsessed

Anna Walker said...

So glad you have found so many systems of support! It's very cool when one common link can bring so many different people together!