Monday, May 9, 2011

this is snuggles

B got him for me on our very first christmas 2002!

the best part about snuggles is that when you squeeze his hand you can hear hubby's voice!

it used to say "merry christmas amanda" but i pushed it so many times the first quarter i was away at college (not to mention the amount of times i squeezed it the 2 1/2 years prior) that it stopped working

so we took it in to get a new one!

this is also when we got the hat and glove so he could look like hubby in this picture (also why the glove is wonky on his hand):

(sorry for the crappy photo i don't have a scanner and took this with my phone)

considering the amount of times i've squeezed snuggles hand today alone i have a feeling we might have to get another one by the time brian comes home.


S and O said...

Ow that teddy bear is so cute!
And with such a sweet story too :D

Brooke said...

So stinking cute! Mr. Charming got one for my daughter. It's a puppy that has a Navy uniform on and when you press it hands, it giggles!

Michaela said...

So precious! Praying for you in the home stretch! (: