Thursday, January 20, 2011

ive been published!

so every sorority or fraternity (that i know of) has a magazine they publish (usually quarterly)

and a year and a half ago took some pictures of my chapter for recruitment (and they actually asked me to come back this fall and do it again) and gave a disk of them to one of our advisors for stock photography


well i have yet to see them use any until i recently flipped through my winter copy of the magazine

and that right there is my picture! i was so surprised to see it!

(as im sure those girls were surprised to see themselves when they flipped through)

it was terribly exciting! here are some of my favorites from the shoot:





yes i am in some of these pictures...i used a tripod


Megan said...

congrats love!! xx

Courtney said...

that's really exciting! i would check it out but i think i already tossed mine..oops :)

Anna Walker said...

Aw I love these pictures! :)
I can't wait to switch to a college that I love and there I will hopefully join a sorority!