Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so im late...


but here are my thanksgiving decorations

i must admit it is difficult for me to not just skip thanksgiving and move on to christmas cause i love it so much

...but i do try to restrain myself

( i did however go crazy on the christmas decorating as soon as i got back to town...i just couldnt contain myself any longer)


most of these decorations are from thrift stores

i had a fabulous thanksgiving and ate far too much good food!

we traveled to my aunts for thanksgiving
they live out in the country so hubbers had some fun shooting guns with my cousin

i made this delicious pie! i make it every year its to die for! this year i even made my own graham cracker crust cause i wanted to you my pie plate! it was super easy and so yummy (unfortunatly we devoured it before i thought to take a pic...oh well, just shows how good it is)

i did end up doing some shopping on black friday (not really my thing)
but it wasnt until about noon, and only cause we went to visit these lil punkins and mr. big punkin wanted to go to the "robot store" aka target :)

hope your thanksgiving was filled with family, friends, yummy food

...and maybe some shootin

...you know, if thats your thing :)


Natalie said...

How sweet!I love all the milk glass and the sparkly pumpkin.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Love those decorations especially the shiny pumpkin